We help to register and setup Wechat shop and Weidian Shop

What is Wechat shop? Its an e-commerce platform inside Wechat! Goods or services, tickets for events – you can sell really everything! And the payment is debited or charged from your UnionPay card, connected by a 3 steps easy process to your Wechat wallet.
There are 2 kinds of Wechat shop: Wechat mini Shop in Wechat service account or E-shop from 3-rd applications (like Weidian shop). Below is a photo of an official Wechat mini Shop:

Wechat mini Shop is not as convenient as Weidian shop (see below). There are no support for QR code, its not good for promotion of shop. Functions and the design is too simple. Maybe wechat mini shop will be better as small catalog. When customers pay in your Wechat mini shop for any goods, money will transfer to your Chinese company account within 7 days. That Wechat payment system in service account in Wechat mini shop. Which is very inconvinient, but in Weidian shop, Taobao and JD.com also need wait 7 days for get money.
But the most famous e-commerce application for Wechat is called Weidian 微店. this app is deeply connected with Wechat and customers can pay using Wechat wallet. That is why this app is also calling it Wechat shop. And what is very important, cashout can be made directly to your Wechat wallet and then to your UnionPay card. You don’t need an intermediary third party chinese company! You can make promotion of your Weidian shop using QR code or direct link. Weidian – it is an independent app from Wechat, there are Weidian app for buyers and sellers (in Apple store and  android market). Buyers can find your goods using search in Weidian buyers app.
Weidian shop is created in PC, not through mobile phone. The interface is completely in chinese, no english inside. We offer to you creating Wechat weidian shop with start price from 2500 rmb.

There are photos of Weidian shop of our customer from Thailand:

Price for this work 4500 rmb.
We did:
– opened  account in Bank of China for Shop owner and Union Pay card in Guangzhou
– connected Union Pay card and Wechat wallet
– registered Weidian account
– drew nice design, pictures of goods, filled text in chinese language
– filled e-shop of goods
We can show to you more examples of Wechat shops, message to us!

Price of our services start from 2500 rmb. If you need Wechat shop, send your order right now! Wechat id: iurlov

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