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What is Wechat official account? ?

Wechat official account is the channel of communication inside and throughout Wechat application. It is extremely useful for the promotion of your goods, services or seek to expand into the Chinese or Asian market. Using the official account you can promote your brand to millions of chinese Wechat users. Through this WeChat channel, you save on marketing cost, raising brand popularity, building up more branding influence and find new customers! Sounds good, right? Lets get started!

Functions inside official account:

– chinese or english web admin panel
– welcome mesage
– custom menu
– automatic reply messages
– Wechat mini shop
– Tencent map with location of your business
– sending messages to your followers:  gender, sity and other parameters
– sending  vouchers to your followers
– sending  voting and survey to your followers
– analytics of account:  followers, visit, repost, etc
There are a lot of features and capabilities within the Wechat platform. Therefore, you need to think for what you need official account, what you will sell or post, how to work with fillowers, how to get them subscribed and upkeep the subscription with regular entertaining news, events and attractive deals for example. On this basis, it is already possible to form a concept, to create mini-website,  customize menu, to make Wechat shop.

Examples of official accounts: Weforhelp, Smartiplast, DoubleTree
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Overview of Wechat official account


Wich official account types are included?

Official account can be of 2 types: Subscribe account or Service account.

Subscribtion account: This can be a personal or business account (with or without verification)
Subscribe business accounts without verification  are almost the same, as a personal  subscribe account.
Personal  subscribtion account have very limited functions: you can only post some articles and some information about these products. However, there is no in-depth information that the potential buyer seeks to be convinced of the purchase! For example:
Для сайта Вичат ХелпTherefore, it is better to get registered as a official business subscription account and verify through the official Wechat verification process to get access to this wonderful platform of communication.
You can send at most 1 message to your followers per day, everyday and manage list of your followers in the admin panel. Subscribers will not receive push notification if there’s new content update. They also have to open the subfolder of the Subscription Accounts in order to access a particular brand. That is why service account is more interesting, because it have some advanced features.


 Service accountonly for chinese companies (with or without verification). Service account provide more powerful business service and user management capabilities for enterprises and organizations, to help enterprises quickly implement a brand-new official account service platform. Every time, when you post something inside account, followers will get push notification in friend list of chat. You can also chat with them directly from a user chat window. You can send messages to followers only 4 times in a month.


Wechat also have 3rd type of official accounts – Corporate (企业号), for big chinese companies.
To summarize, we present all the differences between accounts in the table below:

What are the differences between subscribtion and service acc?

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At that moment, not only chinese companies can register Wechat official account, its possible for foreign companies.
You can send a request to create a account yourself, the inquiry form to register an official account in English language, but features of english Wechat admin platform strong less then features of chinese admin platform. And you can not verifity your foreigner account and get service account as well. We use only chinese companies for regestration of official accounts and extended chinese admin panel. Please contact us and we help you to create, configure and promotion your new wechat official account!

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