Promotion and advertising in China

Promotion and advertising in China
Promotion in China
Awesome online marketing, smm and advertising in China with us!!!
Comprehensive promotion of foreign companies in China!
1. Chinese web-sites development using DedeCMS, WordPress. Hosting in HongKong
2. Assistance with registration of foreign companies on the Chinese sites as a seller
alibaba, 1688, taobao shop, aliexpress shop
wechat store, weidian shop
3. Contextual advertising in the search engine Baidu
4. Registration and post in 20 chinese social networks
5. Help with chinese payment system UnionPay, Alipay Wallet, Wechat Wallet
6. Geolocation marketing in Baidu Maps and Foursquare
7. Promotion pictures in Baidu images
8. I help with registration and upload in chinese videohostings Youku and Tencent Video

Alex iurlov
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov
Our web site: promo-in-china (dot) com

Russian freelancer Alex iurlov: my services

Russian freelancer Alex iurlov: Experience over 9 years
Focus: WordPress developer, advertising in China and Russia

Hi! I am Alex Iurlov, serial entrepreneur from Russia. Since 2014 i live in China, Guangzhou. 9 years experience of promotion of my own b2b, b2c companies let me offer to you usefull freelance services.
As freelancer i offer:
1. Wechat official account – Registration and setup
2. Wechat Shop (Weidian) – Registration, setup, add goods
3. Taobao Shop – Registration, setup, add goods
4. Alipay Wallet – Registration and verification
5. I WordPress developer: i can create web-site for you on WordPress CMS: landing page, corporate web-site, personal web-site, online shop
Also i can make chinese web-site using Hongkong hosting. I know DedeCMS.
6. Youku and Tencent Video – Registration, setup, translate and upload video.
7. Promotion in russian internet: Yandex, Vkontakte, Avito, 2GIS, etc.
8. I can register for you chinese company in Shenzhen city.
9. I can make 3D plan of your flat/office
10. I can make slide-show video
11. Networking: i will increase your connections in Linkedin, Internations
12. Strong online marketing, SMM

My paid consultation:
– APEC Business Travel Card: what is it and how to get
– I am the expert of Line messenger and KakaoTalk messenger
– About MBA in Asia: CEIBS and HKUST
– How to find job in China
– China for newcomers
– My travel and live experience: Russia, China, Maldives

Alex iurlov
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov
My web-site iurlov (dot) com

Functionality Wechat app in Apple Watch

Overview of the app’s functionality Wechat for Apple Watch.
This article is intended for those who don’t have Apple Watch, for those who are going to buy them, or for owners of Apple Watch, but have not yet installed this app.
Wechat is in the top 3 installable applications on smart watches be Apple.
Features of Wechat app for Apple Watch:
– push notifications about new messages
– view Moments
– function Radar
– function QR code(your)
– reply to messages brand Wechat stickers
Apple Watch_all
Apple Watch_all-2

Wechat vs fitness tracker, app WeRun

You dont need anymore your fitness tracker!
Are you looking to be more active in your day-to-day routine?
Wechat introduce new wechat app – official account WeRun, where you’ll be able to know exactly how many strides you have taken every day and see how you match up to your friends on WeChat who follow the official account.
With your permission, the WeRun-WeChat official account records the number of steps you take a day.
You will also receive a daily message notifying how far you are to reaching your goal.
If friendly competition helps motivate you, you can see how you stack up on your daily leaderboard.
No matter how you rank, you’ll be able like your friends’ steps, share your results to chats, and even publish them on Moments.
As an added incentive, if you are number one on the leaderboard at the end of the day, you’ll be able to set the cover photo on all your friends’ leaderboards!
For those already using a fitness tracker, there’s good news the official account can also be paired with select wearable fitness devices.
So see how fun fitness can be with the WeRun-WeChat official account, exclusively on WeChat! Just search the username “WeRun-WeChat” and follow the account.


Wechat Vending machines

Vending machines Wechat – new trend in China!
Everything is easy: just scan qr code of snack which you like, pay using Wechat wallet, door will open and get it.
The principle of operation is almost like Packstation, even easier.
Early Wechat Vending machines could be found in Chinese underground, now start to post on the street!
Btw for Alipay money there are also vending machines, the principle is the same.
Still convenient! But in poor coutries it seems to steal everything, including the vending machine))

Last version WeChat for Windows 1.5 and Mac

Last version WeChat for PC.

We want to remind for Wechat there is a limited version for Windows, the functionality of which is expanding.

WeChat for PC by 22 september 2015.

Upgrade your version for PC download there

In addition there is a version for fans Apple Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Upgrade your version for MAC download there

What’s new in the latest update?
1. Talk with your friends, family or those closest to you with free video calls
2. Download and use all your favorite stickers on your PC, including a wide variety of animated emoticons.
3. Multi-task with multiple chat windows open at the same time.
4. View the message history of all the official accounts you follow.

New record! 616 millions users of Wechat

New record! 616 millions users of Wechat registered on 31. december 2015

Tencent company realy done an amazing information product that combines all super-trends: messenger, online store, online payments and many new ways of interacting that clearly relished China and the whole Asia.

Surely we can assume that by the end of 2016, the mark will move closer to 1 billion users.

Wechat helper: price of our services

Price list of Wechat World Team services on 15 december 2017.
The price of Wechat stores:
Wechat mini shop
Price from 4500 rmb, depends how many goods you have.
The price includes Wechat service account, content and design of 5 goods.
Weidian shop
Price from 2500 rmb, depends how many goods you have. (2000 rmb includes 5 goods)
Next, 300 rmb for 1 extra position.
Wechat official accounts:
Wechat subscription account, registered to a Chinese company (our or yours)
Price 3500 rmb for the registration and first setup
Wechat service account, registered to a Chinese company (our or yours)
Price 3500 rmb for the registration and first setup
Subscription account, registered to a foreign company
Price 1500 rmb
What is included in the price?
Price includes registration and first setup (logo, wechat id, description, menu, welcome message)
Please note that a verified Wechat account is valid for 1 year and requires renewal.
Re-verification costs 800 rmb.
For those who already have an official account:
— customize menu. From 200 rmb.
— setup Wechat Wi-Fi for your official account: from 500 rmb.
— binding of coupons to Wechat Wi-Fi, a welcome message for Wechat Wi-Fi, customize Wechat Wi-Fi page
— setup of Wechat coupons. From 500 rmb.
— setup membership cards. From 1500 rmb.
— customize the welcome message with the auto-replies based on keywords. From 500 rmb.
— create polls, surveys. From 200 rmb.
— create contact forms of communication. From 300 rmb.
— verification of your official account in Wechat. Price 800 rmb.
— enable and configure iBeacon tag + WeChat for Wechat Shake. From 1100 rmb.
— setup Wechat Pay: Wechat Shop, conjunction with a POS terminal in the store. From 2000 rmb.
— setup Wechat Pay for international trade. From 3000 rmb.
— assistance in purchasing equipment to accept payments with Wechat in your store. From 1000 rmb.
Making on the basis of the official account of Wechat:
— menus with online ordering and payment for restaurants. From 20,000 yuan
— chat bots (photo, video, voice, text, links on the basis of keywords) From 9000 rmb.
— control electronics (smart outlet, light, air conditioning, etc.) From 20000 rmb.
— implementing functions based on the user’s location in the official account
Integration of your website with Wechat from 9000 rmb.
Integrate your mobile application with Wechat From 11000 rmb.
Prices for posting in account:
Package 1: 4 posts in a month in Chinese 1000 rmb.
Package 2: 15 posts in a month in Chinese 2000 rmb.
Package 3: 30 posts in a month in Chinese 3000 rmb.
Multipost 8 news in 1 post — 500 rmb. per post.
If you need an improved design for posts + 100 rmb. for the post
The design is based on extended features Wechat
Payment options:
100% prepayment Wechat Wallet
or bank card Visa (+7% to the price)
Execution time: 5-7 days after 100% payment.
As a result you get a Login name and password to Chinese control panel at:
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